Our Vision

“Ryobi’s corporate philosophy is to create a sound and dynamic corporation through technology, trust and challenge.”

About Ryobi

Ryobi was founded as a die casting company in Japan in 1943 and as such brings almost 70 years of world class expertise to the European market.

From being a local manufacturer Ryobi has expanded steadily and can now serve its customers needs not only in Japan and Europe, but also in the USA, China and Mexico.

Wherever in the world our dedicated R&D department and local engineering teams work to create innovative products that keep you one step ahead.


Ryobi is commited to preserving the environment.  We continually monitor and reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste by setting long and short term goals.

Our commitment has been recognised through national awards for gas energy and environmental management.

A major achievement was introducing a combined heat and power (CHP) plant to produce onsite heating and electricity.

Cast aluminium contributes to fuel efficient engines and reduces vehicle weight, cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions.  Die casting is a sustainable process as little aluminium is lost during manufacturing, and the metal can still be recycled at the end of its lifetime.

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