Ryobi Aluminium Casting (UK) Ltd., is pleased to announce a further £7m investment to their plant in Carrickfergus. The investment will facilitate an increase in capacity for the manufacture of precision aluminium die cast transmission components for one of their main customers VW / Audi / Skoda group.

The new equipment includes 2 off Buhler 900t High Pressure Dies Casting Machines and a Striko Westofen Melting Furnace.

Managing Director, David Watson said, “This is a major vote of confidence in the skill and dedication of the local workforce and will secure jobs well into the future”.

Since the recession in 2008, Ryobi have invested £45m in capital equipment to update its product portfolio for the European automotive industry.

Our main focus is on the more technically demanding high-value products where we can sell more value add.

This has been made possible by working closely with local Universities and Regional Technical Colleges to supply and train the best engineers and technicians to meet this challenge.

Employment in the plant has grown from 200 to over 500 people in high-value jobs in this time frame in areas across the plant.